Contracting Services 

As a leader in the energy conservation field, our skilled installation crews enable us to provide quality insulation services in the Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Power, Pulp and Chemical Markets. Beyond the conventional systems, we are proud of our expertise in unique applications ranging from -320ºF to 2300ºF.


Marine Insulation is Involved with all aspects of insulation used for thermal, sound control and personnel protection on Navy ships and private vessel. Our employees are trained and certified in PCMS tile installation, OSHA 10-Hour Maritime #7615 and our work is compliant with ISO 9001 standards and NAVSEA.
Specialty Fabrication
Our specialty fabrication services can design and install re-useable insulation pads and insulated metal panels for both thermal and acoustical control of mechanical systems. Manufactured for easy assembly and access by maintenance mechanics in the industrial, commercial and marine markets. We utilize the latest technology and materials for chemical resistance, durability, heat reduction and safety.
Material Handling
C. E. Thurston & Sons provides a complete line of storage solutions and material handling products. We have in-house experienced personnel who can custom design systems from simple bin and self-storage cabinets to workstation cranes, in-plant offices and mezzanines. With a Class A Contractor's License, each designed system can be professionally installed. 
Our Commitment to Safety
At C. E. Thurston & Sons, Inc., we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, and therefore, safety is our Number One Priority on every job. Everyone must share the responsibility for safety to ensure a safe and hazard-free workplace.


C. E. Thurston & Sons serves companies of all sizes across a spectrum of industries. Each engagement is, at its core, an expression of our values and ethics. Take a look at some of the companies we work with by industry.